Super Charge Your Magento or Shopify Store

Shoppy Commerce can give your Magento or Shopify store super powers. With custom fields, bulk product management, click and collect, linked & automated purchase orders, demand forecasting, a mobile POS and more!

Stand out from the other retailers using Magento or Shopify by connecting Shoppy Commerce.
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Future of e-commerce

Complex Omni-Channel Retailing Simplified

Sync Customers & Orders

Remove data silos. Manage Magento or Shopify Orders & Customers in one location & allow users to continue their online order instore.

Omni Channel CRM

Get a 360 degree view of your customers regardless of if they purchased instore or online.

Manage Your Product Data

Manage your product data in bulk simply across all channels.

Multi Store Fulfilment & Click & Collect

Streamline your fulfilment process & offer Click & Collect in your online store.

Innovative & Easy to Use

Enterprise Scale. Without The Complexity

Shoppy Commerce works offline* & on almost any device giving your team flexibility to work anywhere.

Shoppy Commerce was built for scale and is trusted to process millions of dollars each month and trillions of mission critical transactions.

Shoppy Commerce is a modern platform, built using the latest technologies from Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Get enterprise scalability without the complex user experience and high fees.

Unlock Your Product DAta

Omni Channel Product Management

Manage your product information across multiple channels in one location.

Add unlimited custom fields to your product records to suit your business.

Treat your products the same in every channel or differently channel by channel. Shoppy Commerce give you the power to adjust to local demands.

Enrich your product data with videos, 3D Models, PDF’s and more available in the POS, Quotes and more.

Make bulk changes in seconds, not days.

WO customers

Multi Store Fulfilment & Click & Collect

Increase operational efficiency with our inbuilt Click & Collect system & pick and pack system with pre-built integrations for Magento and Shopify..

Ensure a smooth Click & Collect process with automatic notifications when items are ready to collect.

Manage & optimise multi store fulfilment from a single device.

Clever replenishment

Save Money With Smart Replenishment

Reduce out of stocks and over stock by automatically generating Purchase Orders when stock on hand reaches a minimum level.

Create Purchase Orders for thousands of products for all your stores using our smart demand forecasting system and send them in only a few clicks. Our centralised replenishment system is best in class.

Create Purchase Orders to fulfil Customer Orders in just two clicks and get automatically notified when the Purchase Order is received and the order can be fulfilled. Even if you batch multiple Purchase Orders together!

Reduce your stock costs, with smart batching of Purchase Orders to meet shipping and order minimums with smart forecasts to plan delivery time.


Omni Channel CRM

Get a 360 degree view of your customer across all channels & touch points.

Add an unlimited number of custom fields to enhance your customer management.

Implement advanced customer segmentation, sync with your email marketing systems & get insights into your best customers with just a few clicks.


Do you help with onboarding?

Yes! We can help you with onboarding. Our Australian based specialists will help import your products and customers for you and answer any questions you may have. For retailers that want to get going quickly, we can have Shoppy Commerce up an running with all your products within just 7 days.
Shoppy Commerce is very simple to use and does not require the time consuming & expensive training most POS/Retail systems need. But if you do need help, our Australia based support is fast to help you and our knowledgebase has the answers ready for you.

Do you support Barcode Scanners, Cash Tills & EFTPOS Machines?

Yes! Shoppy Commerce integrates with most Barcode Scanners, Cash Tills & EFTPOS machines.

We love Shoppy Commerce but do we need to change our POS to use your PIM & Replenishment/Centralised Purchasing system?

No you do not need to replace your POS just yet. Shoppy Commerce PIM, Replenishment & Centralised Purchasing integrates with legacy POS systems as well as the Shoppy Commerce POS system. Often this is a fast way to add modern features before switching from your legacy POS system.

What's your support include?

We don't think you will need much support because our system is so easy to use, but if you do we are here to help. All multi store plans include a dedicated account manager and unlimited Australian Support.

See How Our Innovative Platform Can Transform Your Business

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