Smart Purchase Order Management

Setup purchasing schedules to automatically order from suppliers on a set calendar
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Achieve True Omni Channel Automation

Automatic Notification

Ensure a smooth Click & Collect process with automatic notifications when items are ready to collect

Multi Store Fulfilment

Manage & optimise multi store fulfilment from a single device

Inbuilt Click & Collect System

Increase operational efficiency with our inbuilt Click & Collect system & pick and pack system

Click & Collect

Wow customers with a fully integrated Click & Collect system out of the box

Over 1 Trillion Records


Shoppy Commerce
Integrates With Many Tools Your Use Already


Shoppy Commerce Has Tailored Features For Many Industries


Run your rental business with the most innovative Hire POS system in the market.


Automate your E-Commerce store & additional features. Turn your Magento Store into a cutting edge POS.

Fashion & Apparel

Automate your single or multi store Fashion & Apparel business with Shoppy Commerce.


Health & Nutrition




Sporting Goods

Independent Living

Traditional Retailers


Do you help with onboarding?

Yes! We can help you with onboarding. Our Australian based specialists will help import your products and customers for you and answer any questions you may have. For retailers that want to get going quickly, we can have Shoppy Commerce up an running with all your products within just 7 days.
Shoppy Commerce is very simple to use and does not require the time consuming & expensive training most POS/Retail systems need. But if you do need help, our Australia based support is fast to help you and our knowledgebase has the answers ready for you.

Do you support Barcode Scanners, Cash Tills & EFTPOS Machines?

Yes! Shoppy Commerce integrates with most Barcode Scanners, Cash Tills & EFTPOS machines.

We love Shoppy Commerce but do we need to change our POS to use your PIM & Replenishment/Centralised Purchasing system?

No you do not need to replace your POS just yet. Shoppy Commerce PIM, Replenishment & Centralised Purchasing integrates with legacy POS systems as well as the Shoppy Commerce POS system. Often this is a fast way to add modern features before switching from your legacy POS system.

What's your support include?

We don't think you will need much support because our system is so easy to use, but if you do we are here to help. All multi store plans include a dedicated account manager and unlimited Australian Support.

See How Our Innovative Platform Can Transform Your Business

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